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Jackpot prize is estimated annuitized and will be divided equally among all winning tickets. Overall odds of winning 1 in Odds of winning jackpot prize 1 in million. Must be 18 to buy. Jackpot prize is annuitized and will be divided equally among all winning tickets. Overall odds of winning 1 in 8. Odds of winning jackpot prize 1 in 31 million.

Odds of winning jackpot prize 1 in 3. Overall odds of winning 1 in 6. Odds of winning jackpot prize 1 inBecome a MyLottery member today and you'll have exclusive access to special drawings and prize give-aways, advance notice about new games and specially planned events. Drum roll, please! The Colorado Lottery is excited to announce the 11 recipients of the Starburst Award. These communities really hit the jackpot! Congratulations to the Starburst Award winners, for making the best use of Lottery funds.

Check Out the Projects. Odds of winning vary by bet type. Jackpot Games Your one-stop-shop to view the most recent winning numbers, Jackpot amounts, cash values, upcoming draw dates, and print the most recent draw data. View All Game Details. Here's an easy way to find out. Enter Your Numbers. Only show drawings that resulted in wins.The Oregon Lottery is the official lottery for the entire state of Oregon.

It was established inand began selling tickets in Most Oregon Lottery tickets are valid for up to a year after the draw — giving winners plenty of time to claim their prize.

Current laws in Oregon do not permit participation in online gambling, which the lottery is part of. If you'd like to purchase Oregon lottery tickets, you'll need to buy them from a licensed retailer within the state of Oregon.

The Oregon Megabucks is Oregon's biggest lottery. To date, the game has turned over individuals into millionaires. Simply choose 6 numbers from a pool of 48, and take the top prize if you match them all. Players may choose 4 numbers from 1 to Oregon Lucky Lines is a game based on a grid of nine fields. Match all 8 and take home the top prize. Easy and simple to play, Oregon's Pick 4 game involves choosing 4 numbers from 0 to 9. Players also have the option to match the draw in exact order or in any order.

Illinois Lottery Results | Unclaimed Lottery Prizes

Players can also win by matching the first or last 3 numbers — again, either in exact order or in any order. If you're familiar with Keno, then Oregon Lottery's version should be easy for you to understand. The Bulls-Eye option lets you win even more if you choose to play it. Oregon Megabucks rewards players who match 3 of 6 numbers with a free quick pick ticket.

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Frost, took home his massive prize from one such ticket. Scratch-off tickets, or Scratch-its in the Oregon Lottery's case, are a great option for players looking for a quick dose of fun.

Second chance drawings provide non-winning scratch-it ticket holders with more opportunities to win. In the Oregon Lottery's case, players can win the last top prize for that specific game. To enter second chance drawings for the Oregon Lottery, players have to register an account on the Oregon Lottery's official page for second chance drawings.

Just enter the codes printed on your non-winning ticket and wait for the next draw, which will be held as determined by the lottery operator. For more information and regular updates, you can also follow the Oregon Lottery on any of their social media accounts:. If you're a regular player of the lottery, this is a must-have.

It's a scanner app, lottery manager, and keno game platform all rolled into one convenient system. By Milo Cruz. Jump to Regular Numbers 12 13 21 46 Mega Ball Megaplier 3. Draw Date 17 Jul Next Draw 21 Jul Join the wiki's discord server here! For more information about the league, see Call of Duty League. The corresponding Call of Duty Challengers tournament was moved online and separated into three regions. For the corresponding Warzone Weekend event, which aired before the semifinals, see here.

Sign In. From Call of Duty Esports Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. LGV Liga de Oro CDL Championship Match History. Player Stats. Team Stats. New to Call of Duty. Host [ edit ] Lottie Van-Praag.

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How do you if you've won a scratch off ticket?!?

ATL FaZe. CHI Huntsmen. LDN Royal Ravens. LA Guerrillas. NY Subliners. PAR Legion. TOR Ultra. Series Maps.

week of 7/11/21

Group A [ edit ] Round 1.Claim some prizes where you purchased or played your game. What would you do with a life-changing jackpot? Dream BIG and explore the possibilities when you purchase a chance to win! From Mega Millions and Powerball to Lucky Lines and more, we offer a wide selection of thrilling and easy-to-play jackpot games.

Whether you play your own favorite numbers or take a chance on a quick pick, it is fun to dream a bit, and absolutely exhilarating to win.

In each game, 20 numbers are randomly selected. The choice is yours, as the amount you win depends on how many spots you select and match correctly. We are passionate about security, customer service, and responsible gaming. Download the app to your phone or play from you computer — the choice is yours with Scoreboard. Scratch-its — the classic lottery game! Our Scratch-its feature dozens of fun characters and colors in scratch-and-match, Bingo and crossword-style games.

Of course, the more you spend, the larger the top prize. Set your budget and scratch off a chance to win! If you love the excitement of Las Vegas-style slot games, Video Lottery might just be the thrill for you!

Experience countless worlds of imagination as you choose from more than 60 different and distinctive games. Spin those reels and watch the results. Will you win the spin? Hit a bonus? Or simply try again? Find Video Lottery at a location near you — no trip to Vegas required. Oregon Lottery. Games Oregon Wins Promos About.

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Second Chance. Learn More. Jackpot Games What would you do with a life-changing jackpot? Scratch-its Scratch-its — the classic lottery game! Video Lottery If you love the excitement of Las Vegas-style slot games, Video Lottery might just be the thrill for you! Claim a Prize. Congratulations, you won! Where to Play. There are many places across Oregon to buy and play Lottery games.

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Find where to play the games you love, discover your new favorite spot, get directions, store info and more. Winner Stories. Sabrina usually picks out Scratch-its the old fashioned way. A donation of face masks got things rolling for Lorna.

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Teri got a bit more than a meal. Winning with a classic: Big City 5s. See All Winners.Please check the reference to make sure it is correct. It is most holy. It is a reparation offering. The reparation offering belongs to the priest who makes atonement with it.

Communion Sacrifices. Rather it becomes a desecrated meat. Anyone who eats of it shall bear the penalty. Prohibition Against Blood and Fat.

Portions from the Communion Sacrifice for Priests. See note on The contradiction between v. The latter two are similar and are thus mentioned together. Verses 19 — 36 apply to all types of communion sacrifice. Three types are cooked grain offerings comparable to those in — Also required are loaves of leavened bread see This does not indicate a particular ritual action.

Similar rules obtain for the Passover offering Ex ; Nm ; cf. Ex ; ; Dt and the ordination offering Ex ; Lv A votive offering is brought as the consequence of a promise vow made to God.

A voluntary offering is a spontaneous gift to God independent of a prior promise. See note on — The sanctifying effect of this action is clearly seen in — 20 ; Nm — Print Share Calendar Diocesan Locator. Scripture not found. View all books of the Bible.

week of 7/11/21

By accepting this message, you will be leaving the website of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. This link is provided solely for the user's convenience. By providing this link, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops assumes no responsibility for, nor does it necessarily endorse, the website, its content, or sponsoring organizations.And this is my first time ever playing, so I don't exactly know how this goes?

Once I've purchased the ticket from like 7 Eleven, or something and scratched it off, how will I know If I've won?? Will it be announced on the radio, TV, what? And after that, IF I win, how will I get the money? The person at the retail counter is really good at helping me, when I was buying scratch-off tickets. Once you buy them, they will, at least, show you where to scratch. Or they can ever run the ticket and tell you wether or not you won.

However, I don't believe they are required to ID you at the time of purchase, but if you win anything, be sure you are over the age of If not, give the ticket to your parent s to claim. This is for tax purposes. Scratch offs are not that bad, but I certainly would never get one over a dollar. Spending a dollar now and then for a single ticket you wont lose much.

Keeping in mind just because a ticket has a grand prize don't mean THAT particular ticket is the one that will win it. As far as figuring out if you have a winner, just read the instructions on the front, and back, if your still not sure, take it back to the place you bought it and ask them to check it for you, they will gladly check it to see if you have won. What they do is scan it under the lotto machine and it tells them if its a winner, and how much. I've spent thousands in the past 10 months.

It's all the worse if you don't even know how to play. Forget about the directions, actually. If you've already scratched it, which is what you're supposed to dothen just hand it to them and ask them to cash it in. If they hand you ANY money, just thank them kindly and leave. If they do NOT hand you any money, still thank them for their kindness, and leave. Even if you know what you're doing, you will only "win" back around 50 cents for every dollar you spend.

The fact that you can win once out of every 2.

Oregon Lottery (OR): Results, Winning Numbers, & Fun Facts!

That's the standard for lottery tickets. Again - IF the scratch tickets are better, it's NOT by much, and it's irrelevant because of just what a bad bet they still are. Creating simple and complex gadgets and machines is one of the tasks in this game.

There are more than incredible elements which the player can create and destroy. Trending News. Witness to executions hears haunting last words. These eateries have filed for bankruptcy, more are at risk. Memorable 'Clueless' line made director's blood cold. Clemson QB Lawrence gets engaged at stadium.In common usage today the word often refers to the Weekly Torah portion a shortened form of Parashat HaShavua.

This article deals with the first, formal meaning of the word. In the Masoretic Text, parashah sections are designated by various types of spacing between them, as found in Torah scrollsscrolls of the books of Nevi'im or Ketuvim especially the Megillotmasoretic codices from the Middle Ages and printed editions of the masoretic text. The division of the text into parashot for the biblical books is independent of chapter and verse numberswhich are not part of the masoretic tradition.

Parashot are not numbered, but some have special names. The division of parashot found in the modern-day Torah scrolls of all Jewish communities is based upon the systematic list provided by Maimonides in Mishneh TorahLaws of Tefillin, Mezuzah and Torah Scrollschapter 8.

Maimonides based his division of the parashot for the Torah on the Aleppo Codex. Incorrect division of the text into parashoteither by indicating a parashah in the wrong place or by using the wrong spacing technique, halakhically invalidates a Torah scroll according to Maimonides. A parashah break creates a textual pause, roughly analogous to a modern paragraph break.

To decide exactly where a new topic or thought begins within a biblical text involves a degree of subjectivity on the part of the reader. This subjective element may help explain differences amongst the various masoretic codices in some details of the section divisions though their degree of conformity is high.

It may also explain why certain verses which might seem like introductions to a new topic lack a section division, or why such divisions sometimes appear in places where no new topic seems indicated. For this reason, the parashah divisions may at times contribute to biblical exegesis. Parashot appear in manuscripts as early as the Dead Sea Scrollsin which the division is generally similar to that found in the masoretic text.

Early masoretic lists detailing the Babylonian tradition include systematic and detailed discussion of exactly where portions begin and which type they are.

As a group, Tiberian masoretic codices share similar but not identical parashah divisions throughout the Bible. Unlike the Babylonian mesorahhowever, Tiberian masoretic notes never mention the parashah divisions or attempt to systematize them. This is related to the fact that the Babylonian lists are independent compositions, while the Tiberian notes are in the margins of the biblical text itself, which shows the parashot in a highly visible way. In the centuries following the Tiberian mesorahthere were ever-increasing efforts to document and standardize the details of the parashah divisions, especially for the Torah, and even for Nevi'im and Ketuvim as time went on.

In most modern Torah scrolls and Jewish editions of the Bible, there are two types of parashotan "open portion" parashah petuhah and a "closed portion" parashah setumah.

An "open portion" is roughly similar to a modern paragraph: The text of the previous portion ends before the end of the column leaving a space at the end of the lineand the new "open" portion starts at the beginning of the next line but with no indentation.

A "closed portion", on the other hand, leaves a space in the middle of the line of text, where the previous portion ends before the space, and the next portion starts after it, towards the end of the line of text. In masoretic codices and in medieval scrolls, these two spacing techniques allowed for a larger range of options:.

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Open portions often seem to reflect the beginning of a new topic or a major subdivision within a biblical book, while closed portions seem to reflect smaller units or minor subdivisions. Most printed Hebrew bibles today represent the parashot using the more limited techniques found in typical modern Torah scrolls: A space in the middle of a line for a closed portion, and beginning at the start of the next line for an open portion not a blank line.

Medieval Ashkenazic sources beginning with the Mahzor Vitry also refer to a third spacing technique called a parashah sedurah. This involved starting a new parashah at the same point in the line where the previous parashah ended on the line above. According to the ruling of Maimonides Laws of Tefillin, Mezuzah and Torah Scrollsany error regarding a parashah completely invalidates a Torah scroll. This includes a parashah in the wrong place, of the wrong type, or a missing parashah.

However, there is also a responsum by Maimonides [12] in which he ruled that one may recite a blessing over reading from an invalid scroll, based on the reasoning that the commandment is in the reading itself, not in the text being read from. Maimonides' strict ruling that any error in the parashot completely invalidates a Torah scroll led to a major halakhic debate that continues to this day.

All of the above authorities rule that a scroll containing parashot based on alternative scribal traditions that disagree with Maimonides' list of parashot Laws of Tefillin, Mezuzah and Torah Scrollschapter 8 is nevertheless a valid scroll. However, even according to the lenient opinion, a blatant error with no source in any scribal tradition invalidates a Torah scroll.

week of 7/11/21

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